Mons 2010 Mons 2010 The KOSB Cintingent Ron Creasey and Angus Oliphant (both KOSB) 85667916 El Doudou Brendan tries on some Doudou kit for size. 85667918 Finale The melee at the end of the Mons Tattoo where all bands mingled at will. 85667920 Concert Band Yes, its an Eb clarinet....and what a player...David Benedict. 85667921 Waiting For The Tattoo Roger Burt (ex-Queen's Own Highlanders) 85667926 Slow March Tricky when you do this once a year! 85667928 The Doudou A weird (and quite violent) festival. 85667930 Ian Faulkner Ex-BSM Lowland Band 85667931 Mons Military Cemetery British and German men lie together in this mixed graveyard. One of 250 in the area. Graveyards, that is... Many were sadly killed in the aftermath of the war due either from wounds sustained, or due to accidental causes from the abundance of unexploded ordnance lying this man, killed 2 weeks after the end of the war. 94864548 Circle What happened next Kenny? 109707830 Roger Guite Stays in Iserlohn with wife Iris. Came to help us in Mons! Ex-solo clarinet in Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Band. 110056137 Graveyard Sadly tucked away in a corner of a church in a village near Mons, the last resting place of these men, from the Artist's Rifles (now Inns of Court and City Yeomanry-ICCY) who all died the day before the war ended-November 10th, 1918. 112142787 Monaco Band Prince Rainier's Band all the way from Monaco. 112143313